Leonard C. Nelson College of Engineering & Sciences


Moayyad Al Nasra
Department Chair

Zeljko “Z” Torbica
Dean and Professor
Fax: 304.442.1006

Paul O. Steranka, Jr.
Associate Dean and Professor
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Accredited ABET Technology Accreditation Commission

Engineering Technology – Mechanical Emphasis

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology – Mechanical Engineering Technology Track(BSET-M) is a plus-two program that builds on and complements associate degrees earned in Mechanical Engineering Technology areas and offers a wide variety of opportunities to students interested in continuing their education in the mechanical engineering technology field.
The B.S. Mechanical Engineering Technology program includes both classroom and laboratory experiences. The program stresses the application of engineering and scientific principles and methods to solve practical problems. Included in the curriculum is the study of sciences and mathematics as well as methods, processes, skills, and materials used in industry.

The B.S. Engineering Technology-Mechanical program is accredited by the Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET, 111 Market Place, Suite 1050, Baltimore, MD 21202-4102 -telephone: (410) 347-7700.

Program Educational Objectives

Graduates of the B.S. Mechanical Engineering Technology program at Tech will, in their first several years of employment, have the ability to:

1. Graduates are working in the field of mechanical engineering technology or a closely related field, at an appropriate level, appropriately compensated, or have successfully completed graduate studies.
2. Graduates are engaged in lifelong learning, resulting in professional skill enhancement.
3. Graduates have assumed increasingly more challenging roles and duties, assuming leadership roles appropriate to their growth.
4. Graduates have obtained at least one industry certification, such as Engineering Intern, Certified Manufacturing Technologist, etc., that will enhance their ability to advance in the profession.
5. Graduates are contributing to the economic development of the area by living and working in West Virginia.

Course outcomes are assessed by exit examinations in each course. Program outcomes are assessed in designated courses.

Careers in Engineering Technology

Baccalaureate degree graduates work as engineering technologists. Application-oriented courses in hydraulics, tool design, machine design, and robotics prepare them for advanced design work, while courses dealing with manufacturing systems analysis, quality control, and industrial management prepare them for supervisory positions in industry. Graduates also find employment as technical sales representatives. Because their education includes management training, they may serve as supervisors in planning, design, construction, and production and maintenance activities. The practical nature of the program has lead to an outstanding placement rate for graduates, and graduates have risen to the highest levels in their companies.

Plus-Two Baccalaureate Transfer Options

Students who have completed course work or associate degree programs in engineering-oriented programs at other institutions and wish to continue their studies toward a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering technology may do so. Transfer agreements have been established with regional institutions offering associate degree programs. For more information, contact the Chair of the Engineering Technology/Industrial Technology department.